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August 9, 2014

Do You Read What I Read?

Blogger Connections Blog Hop #1

The blogs below are places I  went to, looked around, left a comment and are now being showcased on my blog.  I invite you check out these fantastic posts  and leave them a comment too. This is my blogger karma action.

1.     To find new places to visit is on my bucket list of things to do.  Over at My Two Cents, I found a new place to visit if I ever get to go to Richmond California. The Rosie the riveter national historical park is now on my list.

2.     I love bloggers who go to festivals. The blogger over at Sassy Glass Studio informed me that there is a International Biscuit Festival. I wanna go.. someday any way its all the way.  She also does some pretty cool things with glass.

3.     I like to paint my nails when I have the time. Sometimes I get creative and sometimes I go slap a color on and go.  When I found the blog Eyeheart I fell in love with her camo nails. I would totally rock them. She has other cool ideas too.

4.     Did you take a vacation and forget something significant? I have more times than I can count. Over at The Crazy Life Of Smash, she took a nice trip to Big Bear but something happened that she was not expecting. I would have never expected it either.