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November 27, 2012

Coffee review

I got to review these delightful coffees because I am a  BzzAgent.

 I also did not put cream or sugar in the following beverages and my tastes will differ from yours but I can tell you that if you are a big coffee drinker you will enjoy all the of the following:

Vermont Country Blend:
This blend is fair trade certified.
The kitchen is filled with the smell of a bold, in your face smell of fresh coffee bean. It invites you to walk into the kitchen to start your day. The color of the Vermont Country Blend coffee is dark brown. When it is hot and right out of the Keurig, the taste of the coffee does not have a bitter aftertaste but the cooler it gets the rich flavors get bitter. The finish does linger making every sip of this coffee better and better. This would be a great coffee to have with an omelet.

Samaritan Reserve coffee extra bold
Fair trade certified organic
This next morning my kitchen was filled with the smell of a dry coffee bean. It is a very strong and lovely smell and it also wakes the senses. The color of the Samaritan fair trade coffee is black and is darker than the Vermont coffee I have the previous day. I believe it is because it is extra bold and you can defiantly see and smell the bold even before you taste it, this coffee is very strong and the finish stays on the back and tip of the tongue. The extra bold in this coffee gave me a little more pep in my step and I feel that I got more done today. This would be good with a bowl of oatmeal and some toast.

Colombian fair trade select
This coffee is a light attack on your morning sleepy time senses. You can smell it in the air just enough to know coffee is brewing. The color is a light brown and kind of clear. The Colombian fair trade is very smooth with a light after taste on the sides of my tongue. The taste is a hint of roasted coffee bean. I think this is my second favorite coffee in this pack. I would have this coffee with a big bagel and cream cheese.

Wild Mountain Blueberry coffee
Fair trade certified
This made my kitchen smell of sweet blueberry muffins. It makes any Monday a little better. The blueberry coffee is dark in color and no indication of the color blue. The after taste is tart from the biting of the blueberry and it lingers all over your mouth. When you drink this coffee the inside of your mug smells like sweet blueberry. I know this is my favorite out of all of these in the pack. I would have this coffee with pancakes with a side of sausage.

If you want to know more about the fair trade coffee selection from Green mountain coffee please follow this link.


  1. thank you for this review! i love coffee and these sound delish!!

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  2. Tis sounds really nice and a good idea for a treat for my husband under the Christmas Tree.
    I am following you from the hop and would love for you to follow along.

  3. Who doesn't love coffee?

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    Julie @ Naptime Review

  4. Hi Deedra! I'm stopping by and following along from the thumping thursday hop! :)


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