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September 2, 2015

Note on the Counter

September Love Note 

Here we are, September. Time of year when the heat starts to back off and school is in full force.  If you missed it last month I did start my Blog Dare series. I figured out that I can do one each month on the 13th and feel comfortable knowing I have a great span on time to find or come up with good blog dares. 

I had one person participate last month so if you want to give it a try CLICK HERE to the link and read the dare and see if it is something for you. I can't wait to do this months dare. 

Lets see.... other than the blog dare and some random other posts last month I did manage to put in a application to work at Hobby Lobby and Michaels . Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Did you do anything outstanding last month?   

Did you complete a blog goal?   Tell me about it? 

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!


August 31, 2015

Let me help you save for a sunny day.

I have been dancing with the idea of us buying a home next year. It would be our forever home. I knew that I needed to research a bunch of information only because I know nothing and I mean NOTHING about buying a house or even where to start.  Lucky for you and me that cool stuff just falls into my lap from time to time.  I was selected by SunTrust Bank to introduce you their resource center. They want to help people like you and I save up for a sunny day.

SunTrust back has a owning a home section in the resource center. In this resource center you will find a bunch of  topics for you to read about. I started at the “ 7 key questions to ask yourself first.” article.  

The one that I had to stop and think about was #7.   I mean I would have to be mentally ready if I were going to put myself through all of this- right?  The questions are pretty deep.  Take your time and answer them with no distractions.

I found out what the difference is between being pre-qualified vs pre approval.  I think that is something everyone should know the difference of before you go house hunting. I hate knowing I showed someone my “deer in the head light look” after they asked us if we had one or the other.

Another great resource article is the "9 steps toSTRESS FREE home buying."I need to research homeowners insurance.  #8 advised me that I need to remember to look at the contingencies in a contract.  That is going to be a big one for me because I am all about wheeling and dealing.

 In the article of "9 flaws you want to ignore. " reminded me of the  last time we went and looked at a house. I found myself looking at the furniture and not the house. That told me right then that I was not looking at the potential in the house.   A great tip is the one about curb appeal. If the outside of a home is a blank canvas that could get me a great deal.  Also if the house has popcorn ceilings, not to worry, it is fixable.

I learned a lot from this resource center.  I feel so ready for this home buying adventure now that I am a little more prepared with the knowledge I learned from this site.  What information are you happy you found on this site? 

Sunny Days start here.  At SunTrust, they have the tools and resources to help you achieve your sunny day. Start here to find out how they can help you enjoy the things that matter to you.
At SunTrust Bank their purpose is lighting the way to financial well-being. When you feel confident about your money, you can save for your goals and spend knowingly on what matters most to you.  They know we all live for the sunny days and want to you help you live yours.
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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SunTrust Bank. The opinions and text are all mine.