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February 2, 2016

Slimmest Adventure Part 2

Sour Cream and Onion baked crisps by Slimfast

Hello and welcome to part two of my Slimfast adventure. If you are just catching up, I did a review for the shake you can read that here.   I did go out and buy a 4 pack and the price point fit my budget. I still drink it out of a travel mug. 

This post is about the 100 calorie snake of baked crisps that Slimfast offers. I also got this little treat free for being a influenster. It just amazes me how diet food has changed over the years. The years I didn't care about any way.  Back then I would not have given this product a chance- but things have changed. 

Sorry about the picture of the open bag. It was not until I got full that I realized that I needed a picture.

These crisps tasted like the real deal. Not diet food. I was wowed for sure. They are thick, crunchy and the flavor was truly amazing. If I taste tested these I would have never known they where from Slimfast.  I think the thickness is great because I only made it through half a bag before I was full and didn't want to eat any more. Any other bag and they all would have been gone. 

When I got off work the next day I did eat the other half of this bag. I made me feel like a made a healthy choice when I could have had a taco or some french fries to hold me over until dinner time. Did they hold me over? Yes they did.   I would and will buy these for days when I get off work and need something to hold me over.   

What diet food have you found you enjoyed and did not expect to?  

***I was given a free product or sample because I’m a influencer. I am under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company. 

February Love Note

Busy- Busy

Hello Dear Reader,

I didn't know how hard having a part time job, family to run and having a blog was going to make me. Its funny how some small simple things can really change your life.  Has anything changed your life recently? 

As some of you may know, my new job needs me to go to other stores around the city to work the "card" section. Something strange happened yesterday and I did not expect. I was doing my job and this couple came into the other end of the isle. I didn't think anything of it. The lady had her arms full of shirts and it looked like pants. They stood there- looked around the husband leaned back as to see if anyone was coming and the next thing I here is the popping of some tags.  

We all know the sound. 

Then they took off. Now my first thought was maybe the tags caught ahold of each other and maybe one made that sound. 

Next thought- "Why would any one steal from here?"

That was when I decided to go ask a manager what I should do if I think some one is stealing something.   The answer I got was that "They" are probably watching them- don't worry. So I went back to my cool ass job. If they don't want to worry about it, I guess I won't either. 

I thought it was very strange. 
Anything like this happen to you before? How did you feel after? 

January 13, 2016

January Pick 2 Blog Dare

I am having a great time doing this blog dare. I look forward to each month answering questions and seeing if any one has participated. It has been such a busy week. Also, Happy New year!!

 So lets do this....


1.   Each month on the 13th is a new dare.
2.   Each month NEW word requirement.
3.   Be brave and post your link.
4.   I will comment on all links that post, I hope you will too.

Each month I will post a new blog dare with a new word count suggestion. I offer you two (2) links for  the link up. One is for your dare and the other is for what ever you want to post.  I do hope you will play along and post your dare. I do not require you to do the dare. Its just a prompt if you are needing one. 

Tell your friends- you never know who may a good dare.   

First this picture has all kinds of different yellows. A storm was blowing in from California and the sun was setting. I know I will go blind someday, so any chance I see pretty colors and clouds that Mother Nature provides, I take the moment to soak it all in.

It was not long after that; the big storm rolled in and I got all kinds of lighting and thunder. I almost missed the opportunity to see these beautiful yellows. I would use them in a house if I where to ever get one.

It is always a good thing to stop and take a minute to yourself and enjoy your surroundings.

The second photo is of Jonathan from 3G1G. ( GREAT show, I miss it.)

It was a time in my life when we had a DVR box.  My best friend and I where watching the show and as soon as we saw this look we busted out laughing.  I had to rewind it and take a picture- there was NO way either of us could duplicate it. In some strange way THIS look we call “THE LOOK” meant something to us. We use this in a text when life is dealing us a bad hand and I do not agree with how the chips fell.  My best friend uses it when he feels irritated with his family or if I say something he does not want to hear. 

Each time we break it out- we laugh like it was the first time we caught it on TV