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April 3, 2015

The Grand Stay

Our Anniversary 2015

The husband and I made some amazing memories on our anniversary last month. We decided to spend it downtown in a refurbished hotel. We love to be downtown in the mornings and late evenings so why not try all night- right?  We planned dinner and then after we would meet up with some friends at another refurbished establishment. 

The day started out at a amazing little bakery called THE MAD BATTER CAFÉ in Henderson .We had a amazing breakfast there. It was just enough to fill you up but not stuff you. It was a small place but very busy. The prices are great and not only can you get breakfast , but they offer sweets and make cakes. 
I had" Biscuits topped with a ham and spinach quiche and a side of potato hash.” 

It is located at: 
  • 709 E Horizon Dr Suite 100
  • Henderson, Nevada

If you are a local go! If you are a tourist who wants to experience a great, small, local business just off the high way when you go and visit the Hover dam, make sure you EXIT at Horizon  and take a left. LOOK FOR HIS PLACE!!!   You can thank me later.  

Next we went to the mall and went window-shopping. I cant tell you the last time we went to the mall and had no kids with us. We  just looking at all the stuff we cant fit in or afford. That is always a good time. Before we knew it, it was time to go home a pack.

This year we stayed at the Downtown Grand    It was the Lady luck many years ago. It has a small casino floor, a roof top pool and several different places to eat. We parked our car at the free valet then we headed to check in.  The attendant asked us if we where afraid of heights because our room is on a higher floor. I love being on high floors. 

He was not kidding. We stayed on the 25th floor.   Our view was amazing.
This is the first view you. The view was the first sign that I knew this was going to be a bad ass weekend.  Trust me when I say that as soon as your eyes adjust you will notice your room. YOU WILL LOVE IT! 


View One: 

I loved our room. Our colors in our wedding where red and black so when I turned around and let my eyes adjust- I was just in love!!! 

Every color we had in out wedding was the same color our room was- Can you believe that? I love when this kind of shit happens!   The room had a king bed, and two large comfy chairs with a small table.  Nice and cozy for the two of us. 

We settled in and just took it all in. We relaxed it you can believe it. No worries of time, people or things to do. It was so great. When we looked down from our window we chose the place we where going to have dinner. I don’t have any pictures past this point because something  horrible happened before dinner. 

My phone fell into the toilet. Right out of my back pocket.  THE first time this has ever happened to me. Im super sad but happy my photos go to a back up place. And because I only drink twice a year now, taking blurry-not great pictures will not be showing up on my news feed any longer. 

I had a great time and that is all that matters.